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A Zelda clone where you are swarmed by farmers and zombies trying to carve some bacon from your hide.

Controls are Up, Right, Down, Left, and Right Ctrl to attack.

This game was made during the Winnipeg Game Jam for Ludum Dare 44. It's developers; Dustin Bogers (art), Andrew Roncin (programming, level design), Alex Roncin (music), Michael Roncin (level design), and Jason Johnston (art, programming).

Update Log:

  • 30/04/19 - Missed some assets that were required to be removed before publishing. Replaced any assets required by the game.
  • 29/04/19 - Removed additional paid resources from source code that are not allowed to be present.

Install instructions

Game - Download and extract the zip, the games executable is at the root level.

Source - Download the UnityPackage, and import into a blank Unity project set up for 2d. The paid resources have not been included. (Dialogue System from Pixel Busters)


Bring Home the Bacon.zip 20 MB
Bring Home the Bacon Source.unitypackage 13 MB

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